Some Easy-to-Manage Glass Blowing Methods


Today I will be speaking about some easy to manage methods on how to properly blow glass. I am speaking to those who do it professionally and as a hobby. You can use this technique to make something beautiful and practical. For example, a good idea is to make a glass water bong to smoke legal herbs.
Sit back and relax. Get ready to learn something new and exciting.

  1. The first thing you will need to do is get the molten glass together. The best way to think of it as pouring caramel onto an apple. The steel rod you have in your hand is your apple. The glass is the caramel. Stick your rod in an turn continuously. This require lots of patience and repetition. The furnace is going to be very hot. Prepare to sweat a lot.

  3. Once you have the glass, carry it over to the table. Now is the time to shape it. It’s during this time to make sure that all sides of the shape are even. Do not make one side thicker or thinner than the other. Every side needs to be the same. Those who have done this before, are very much aware of this part of the process. If this is your first time have someone nearby to help you out.

  5. Blow into the pipe. Cap the end off with your thumb. This will cause all the air inside to expand. This is what is supposed to happen. This part of the process. Once this part is done, you can gather more glass. Make sure to repeat the process each time.

  7. Once you have gathered all the glass you need to, start shaping it. Shape each stick while someone is blowing on the end. This part will require two people. This is why it’s best to have someone who has done this before with you. This person can be used as a guide, just in case you missed a part.

  9. Create lines in the neck. Keep rotating the stick. The last part requires you to open up the glass and cool down your pipe. If you are unsure of what to do here, get your buddy to help out. He or she can guide you to where you need to be.

  11. Trim the neck of the final product. Allow it to cool over night. This will be done in an annealer. This is an oven that cools the product at a balanced rate. This is how glass is made, in case you didn’t know. The process is much easier than it appears in the writing.

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